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Expert Task Force issues the latest version of the CCS Guideline

After February, the ECA Foundation's CCS Task Force issued a fresh version of a Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) Guideline to help its members meet this requirement as per the new Annex 1 draft. This new version was based on the second draft of the Annex 1 revision. Following completion, the ECA also decided to share it publicly without any cost to support companies and establishments for which the new Annex 1 is relevant.

The first update of the Guide and Attachment 3 was issued in July. With the publication of the conclusive version of the modified Annex 1 in August, the group of authors again got together to revise the CCS Guide based on the conclusive Annex 1 version. The new version 2.0 now includes the revision of quoted passages, the modification and insertion of individual sections and tables, and improved clarity. The attachments were also revised.

The ECA again presents Version 2.0 of the CCS Guideline at no cost for all colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry and authorities - in line with ECA's overall approach not to charge for Guideline documents.