Action against presence of animal ingredients products having green dot sought by FSSAI


An action against food products including nutraceuticals and health supplements has been sought by FSSAI, which in spite of containing gelatin shells or ingredients from animal origin, have been representing green dot on their package labels and labeling the same as vegetarian product.

The authority highlighted that all the food products falling under the category of nutraceuticals/ health supplements shall have to be in compliance with the Food Safety and Regulations, 2016, as well as the Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011, failing which they will lure the penal provisions under FSS Act, 2006.

For overcoming the issue Swechha Soni who is the nutritionist of PFNDAI, illustrated on separate symbol for such products. As per the reports, she suggested to avoid green dot depicting both veg/ non-veg products as it will confuse the consumers.

Consumers hardly went through the description these days. They don’t give much time to read the whole description of the product. She wanted different symbol to for clear depiction like in fortification, wherein they give symbol for fortified food products, they can give additional symbol for this as well. So, it will be easier for consumers to buy the product.