Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India®

Patients are advised not to use Herbal Doctor Remedies’ Medicines

The FDA has recommended that the patients should not use the drugs manufactured by Herbal Doctor Remedies, Monterey Park, California, because the conditions at the manufacturing site are very poor.

Many unapproved new drugs such as Brain Forte, New Life, Lump Shrinker, Asma-F, Herpes-P, Anemia Off, Bone Fixer and Tumor Shrinker are manufactured by Herbal Doctor Remedies. The regulatory agency advised the patients to stop using these drugs and dispose if already bought.

During its inspection, the agency’s investigator found out insanitary conditions and some serious current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) violations at Herbal Doctor Remedies’ facility. They also failed to assure about the quality and safety of their products. The FDA told them to recall all unexpired drugs. They initially agreed for the same, but still failed to act on it.

The FDA has not received any adverse reports related to these products, but advised the patients to consult their healthcare professionals if any ill effect is observed.