Health, nutrition and it’s millennial career perspectives


Urbanization is constantly revamping our food habits, thereby compelling us  to primarily indulge into unhealthy eating. Here is when the pragmatic profession of  a Nutritionist as well as a Dietitian is effective.  A Nutritionist recognizes, plots, conspires and then recommends a comprehensive approach, determining various factors that a person should keep in mind while attempting to enhance their lifestyle and civilize their food habits.

Career prospects in Nutrition & Dietetics were considered inconceivably narrow during the past several decades, but in the current scenario where urbanization is at its peak, this profession is vastly expanded and opted by individuals who are inclined towards Health Promotion and Food Management. Each individual has a specific body type and therefore, a specialized diet plan is scheduled by a nutritionist as per their client’s preference to increase or decrease their body weight.  These health experts recognize and plan the specific nutritional intake of a patient and deliver them the right rendition

The career development of a specialized Dietitian or a Nutritionist is of a higher standard as compared to an unspecialized one. A decent specialization is imperative for a dietitian to establish successful future and safer career contemplation.

The following are the specialized areas in dietetics:

      -  Community Dietitians: Maximum number of clients that these dietitians reach out to require weight related food charts and programs. Nutrition awareness is considered as their primary goal. These individuals work at Fitness studios,  health centres and diverse Public Health Forces.

     -  Management Dietetics: These are Dietitians who pursue their specialization in Food Management/Clinical Management or Food Service Management.. Their main job objective is to plan, design and implement food systems and budgeting. They also conduct training programs for several new as well as existing employees.

     -  Clinical Dietitians: These dietitians have an inclination towards the medical profession. They have done their specialization in Food & Nutrition Management Services in hospitals, medical centres and private practices too. They analyze and monitor the condition of the patient and plot a Dietary plan according to their nutritional requirements.

     -  Consultant Dietitians: They are independent individuals who are at a very high designation. They are highly experienced individuals who are employed by various Hospitals, ,Medical Centres, Nursing Homes. They tend to make it to the advisory boards contributing as independent advisors to companies/firms/hospitals including leading Nutraceutical firms.

The following are the places where a dietitian can be hired:

  • Health Promotion Centres - ,Slimming Centres, Fitness Studios, Gyms  - Majority of the population  who approach dietitians are looking for dietary programs that would either help them gain or lose weight. These have uncomplicated job objectives as compared to the other options. Dietitians earn compensations that are also quite high due to the rise in health promotion and healthy lifestyle.
  • Private Consultant/ Practitioner:  Catering to the exact requirements of the client is what causes fame and recognition in this field. It’s a play of Reputation. A single positive response and feedback can benefit the consultant and help them gain recognition. After building up experience, they can  initiate their own firm in the field of nutrition and work as an independent organization altogether or maybe work at several hospitals, medical centres, gyms and slimming centres as consultants.
  • Government Sector: Government sector is also an upcoming sector. Various government organizations appoint dietitians via some highly competitive stream of interviews. Unlike the private sector, the government sector implies job assurance and job security.
  • R&D: Food and nutrition R&D Consists of  Research studies. These researches are conducted with respect to different types of diets including distinct food, nutritional requirements in a variety of cases. The purpose of the research is knowledge and better understanding about the complexities of the various components of food constituents such as - Vitamins, Minerals etc.
  • Teaching Faculties:  Various universities, colleges and training institutes require highly advanced faculties having a great extent of industrial experience. They should be up to date with all the current research studies and can therefore groom the upcoming prospective students of Food and Health Sciences.
  • Media Dietetics: A  Dietitian's job profile in mass media and communications is to demonstrate the relevance of a healthy lifestyle affecting the health of a person in the long haul.

The major job tasks of a Dietitian consists of educating their clients with respect to legitimate principles of nutrition. This is known as Nutritional Counseling. (So many studies conducted have found a strong relationship between the psyche of the person and his/her physiologic capabilities of digestion.) It mainly requires individual planning of their diets with respect to their current health factors (Age, Any disease?)Dietitians also supervise various schools and hospitals so as to advise students and patients regarding their nutritional requirements and available resources.

This profession is widely spread, consulting weight loss being just the tip of an iceberg. A dietitian can be considered as the epitome of nutritional awareness. They make life altering decisions while assisting medical physicians in planning and plotting a diet for the patient in need. This requires a prompt thought process with profound understanding as well as application of their subjects as they are about to make a legal judgment on which the entire medical fate of the patient confides upon. 

Overall we can conclude that this profession is multi-disciplinary and calls for transcendent amounts of responsibilities. The Centre of Nutrition and Dietetics Studies (CNDS) is taking a monumental leap to identify and prioritize the demands of our students. CNDS cordially introduces you to a wide variety of courses under the Nutrition and Dietetics domain . These courses are well outlined and directed by profoundly accomplished faculties to provide you with an highly informative multi-faceted experience here at CNDS.

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