Indian drug regulator considers changes in labeling norms

Recently there were concerns that consumers can get confused or misled due to the manner of marketing and displaying of the names of marketing companies on the medicines packs. Many state drug regulators have raised this concern and stated that many companies, which are only the marketers of that drug are printing their name in bold on the medicine packs. This can give an impression that they are the manufacturers and the consumers might get misled.

Following this issue, there are chances that the drug regulator may look into this. Indian drug regulator is working on modifying rules regarding labeling of medicine packs. As stated by the Indian drug regulator, DCGI, the modifications in the norms of labeling would basically aim at preventing the consumers from mistaking the marketing company, whose name is mentioned on the pack, to be the manufacturer of the medicine.

The officials stated that various options regarding the labeling on medicine packs are under consideration. The norms should be such that the font size on the packs for the manufacturers and that for the marketers should be different. Presently, there are no rules to stop the marketing firms from printing their name along with the manufacturer.