Allergy Therapeutics gains MHRA Good Manufacturing Practices certification

Allergy Therapeutics announced that the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has granted the certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance for its Worthing facility. Allergy Therapeutics is a European-based pharmaceutical company focused upon the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of allergy. The company has a long-term commitment to the development of innovative therapies for the treatment and prevention of allergy-related conditions and within this site you will be able to gain an insight into our strategy.

The certification was awarded on the basis of inspection conducted by MHRA. The facility is engaged in manufacturing of vaccines, injectables etc. The facility has the capacity to further raise output and operating efficiencies, with more than 210,000 allergy vaccines and diagnostic tests manufactured at the site each year and over 95% of sales made overseas.

The Allergy Therapeutic’s spokesperson said that the company has made significant enhancement, combined with the highest quality values, signifies that facilities are now prepared for producing clinical trial material for US trials. He also stated that the company has a very committed work force in Worthing with a high level of specialist skills and technical expertise, and the company feels immensely proud to be part of the high-tech UK manufacturing sector that is exporting products world-wide.