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Post Graduate Diploma in  2 years Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Management (PGDPSMM) along with MBA (Pharmaceutical Management)


The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is growing rapidly and there is a huge demand for sales and marketing professionals who are specially trained to be industry ready right from Day One. Pharmaceutical management combines the study of basics of pharmaceutical sciences with management and marketing studies. It prepares your careers in pharmaceutical marketing, management, sales and other fields related to health care industry.

Course Objective:

This two-year course offers a Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Management along with MBA (Pharmaceutical Management). As a Pharmaceutical Management aspirant, you will study a blend of course curriculum of business management topics and pharmaceutical technology issues specific to the pharmaceutical industry.  The objective of this programme is to improve the quality and standard of Pharmaceutical professionals and to inculcate Management skills in such manner so as to make them help to utilize their unlimited potential to perform better in the competitive global environment.


1st Year

1st Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 101 Management – Principles and Practices
2 102 Organizational behaviour
3 103 Managerial Economics
4 104 Quantitative techniques and Management
5 105 Business Accounting & Financial and Management
6 106 Pharmaceutical Logistics Management
7 107 Health Care Systems in US, India and Other Countries
8 108 Industry Based Case Studies

2nd   Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 201 Research Methods
2 202 Business Environment
3 203 Marketing Management
4 204 Operation Management
5 205 Human Resource Management

2nd Year

3rd Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 301 Pharmaceutical Production Management
2 302 Pharmacy Administration
3 303 Pharma Selling & Sales Management
4 304 Strategic Management
5 305 Drug Regulatory Affairs

4th Semester

S.NO Subject Code Subject Name
1 401 Pharmacoeconomics
2 402 Management Information System
3 403 Total Quality Management
4 404 Project Work

Eligibility Criterion:

The course requires every candidate to have a graduation degree in the least. However, this stands as the minimum stated criteria. Any candidate with a higher education in the field or in another field bearing similarities to this one can apply for the programme just as easily.

Programme Length:

The course is scheduled to take up a time of two years. The subjects and sessions have been designed as per the two year deadline and hence, carry a distributed sense among them.

Programme Fees:

A one-time programme fees (lump sum paid at beginning of the course) of Rs. 65000/- . This covers for the course registration fees, tuition fees, course material fees etc. Apart from this, every student has to pay an examination fee of Rs 5200/-.

Examination and Certification:

An evaluation is scheduled at the end of each semester after the completion of the semester wise course. The candidates who qualify this examination will be awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Management by IGMPI and Masters of Business Administration in Pharmaceutical Management Degree by UGC approved University.

Career Prospects:

Pharmaceutical sales and marketing is a huge industry with tremendous scope for science as well as non-science graduates. The industries call in for talented and professional individuals who are ready to take challenging career path in this industry. Devotion and will to excel works best for team leaders with excellent knowledge of marketing skills and tools and potential to work dedicate time and effort to succeed in the industry. Pharmaceutical management offers big opportunities all over the world. Pharmaceutical managers can build their career in various domains of the industry; numerous Pharmaceutical organizations are there which offers various occupations to the overseeing specialists of Pharmaceutical. This industry demonstrates the persistent necessity of exceedingly qualified analysts, scientific expert and specialized individuals.



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